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Or also known as the Bobadilla home page with other excusable verbage and innuendos which may pique your curiosity...or not. Any likenesses or similarities to my family, friends and pets are purely intentional and are included without considerable forethought.

Who's Mr Kleen? During my heady days as a "starving musician" one of the tunes I performed was "Cleanhead Blues" originally recorded by Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, a great blues artist who I first heard on radio station KFJC. He was singing his signature tune and it just knocked me out.

" They call me Mr Clean because my head is bald...
If wasn't for all you pretty women out there, I'd still have my long black locks...
But with all that rubbin', huggin', and a kissin' you done rub it all off."

This song became a standard part of my repertoire. As you can guess my hair was already thinning in my twenties. I grew into my identity and Mr Kleen became a part of it.

Now I'm working for the Senior Nutrition Program as their management analyst and webguy. How the heck did I last here so long? I'm working with a great group of folks dedicated to promoting better health through nutrition.

A Couple of Great Places to Visit

It's been said that if you're only going to do one hike in Yosemite then you've gotta do the Half Dome trail. I concur, but when you're facing the famed ladder at the base of a 2000 feet shear granite wall you may have second thoughts. The hike up to Half Dome in Yosemite is tough, but doable.. Check out the Half Dome website for a preview and some great photos.

I've added a link to the Mt. Whitney Portalpage. Our hike up to Mt. Whitney in Sept 96 was one of our most memorable. It rained, hailed and thunderstormed, but we made it! There are pictures from that trip in the Image Index.

If something more relaxing is desirable, check out my friends at Claudia Springs Winery. I've known Bob and Claudia Klindt from our days working together in Social Services. Heck, I think that one of their first dates together was at a gig that I was playing at the now defunct Koto's bar. They've stretched their wings and their resources for a dream and a place nestled in the beautiful Anderson Valley of Mendocino County. They're always ready for new visitors and would love to share some of their award winning wines with you. Check out their web site for directions or better yet order some of their wine... note: Former co-owners Warren and Claudia Hein have left Claudia Springs to try their hand at the wholesale grape market.

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I've got a couple more gems inside this website, so please explore further. This site is in a constant state of flux and return visitors are encouraged. Have fun and sign the guestbook.

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    "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy."

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